Where spray painting can be the most effective option for decorating

There are a number of ways that a surface can be painted to ensure that it looks fresh and inviting. Using the traditional set of brushes is the first option that springs to mind, followed by the roller, but many people forget about spray painting as a method. However, spray painting has a range of benefits and as an alternative, shouldn’t be overlooked.

Spray painting

Whilst spray painting is not suitable for every job, for some jobs it really does pay to choose it. External work such as the outside of a building for example, or internal ceilings and passageways, can all be treated to spray painting easily and quickly, providing a thorough, even finish to those areas in much less time than more traditional methods. Spray painting is also the preferred method for covering up graffiti in public areas, which often needs to be masked quickly, time and time again.

Spray painting is particularly useful for projects of a larger scale because the time taken in preparation for this method is then more than made up for by the time savings made in the actual painting itself. It is a myth that this method uses more paint than other methods, but because of the nature of spray painting, there is a proliferation of airborne paint particles that can leave the objects in the room covered in a fine mist. So covering everything up, including the windows, with a protective layer is essential.

As with any form of decorative work, spray painting can be done by an individual on a DIY basis, provided they have access to the right equipment. However, achieving a really smooth and even finish is very difficult without hours of practice, so if you are contemplating spray painting as a one off job, you may wish to reconsider! Professional spray painting service providers have that experience, the equipment and the knowledge to do the job efficiently and effectively, so you may want to seek one out.

Whether you have had some repair work undertaken and need to decorate over it, or whether you just want to freshen up an area or building, call our professional painting and decorating team at Marshels to discuss the best method for you.

Renovation of Mandora House, Aldershot

With over 26 years’ experience in the sector we were asked to be involved a commercial project renovating the exterior of Mandora House, a historical building in Aldershot. Working with Millgrove Construction, we were tasked with repairing, replacing and redecorating the listed building, in a bid to improve its appearance and performance whilst maintaining the integrity of the building’s materials.



Mandora House is a Victorian building that was once part of the Mandora Barracks, a military defence base constructed in 1885. The 8,000 sq ft building is now the only part of the barracks that remains, after demolition in the 1970s, making it a crucial part of the historical culture in the community. Our exterior refurbishment aimed to redevelop the building, in line with the development of the local area, as the house is currently being used as an enterprise and business support centre for local businesses and the military community in North Hampshire.



As the house has been converted into over 30 offices, we needed to update the exterior so that it would comply with obligations from the local planning authority to a high standard. It needed to be made more stable, and wind and watertight to function well for the new occupants and its increased usage, however, as a listed building we needed to take care and work with precision to maintain its original features and overall character. The building had been partly vacant for several years, and there were many repairs that were needed, to the chimneys, roofs, bricks, rainwater goods, joinery and drainage, as well as the repairs and possible replacements of the sky lights. Additionally all of the exposed timber work needed to be redecorated, including the exterior windows. With our highly skilled team we were able to ensure that our work on Mandora House was of a consistent quality, and to the high standards we always aim to achieve with our exterior refurbishment projects.



Under Millgrove Construction, we were able to restore the building and maintain its heritage, in order to help promote economic growth and job creation in the area. We’re approved by the National Trust, so this was an ideal refurbishment project for us to work on to prolong the life of this highly valuable building and create a usable space for the local community. At Marshels we specialise in a range of exterior decorating and refurbishment solutions for a range of commercial and residential projects. If you’d like to find out more about our services or discuss your project requirements, please call us on 01252 377714.

The Benefits of Professional Interior Painting and Decorating Services for Your Home

Updating your home with a fresh, new colour scheme or look is an exciting prospect, but one which can take a lot of time and effort. Plus, if you’re new to painting and decorating, it may not be so easy to get the desired, quality finish you frequently see in advertisements. Getting the job done through a professional interior painter and decorator may not only save you the time, hassle and costs of completing it yourself, it can also give you a brilliant finish to your home which you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring a professional, domestic interior painting and decorating company:

Get the job done quickly, with minimal disruption

Whether you’re painting one room or the whole interior, the entire process can take up a lot of time. With prepping and priming, painting complex areas and cleaning your equipment, you could be spending a lot of evenings or weekends renovating your home. Skilled professionals will be able to tackle the task efficiently, without compromising the quality of the work, leaving you to enjoy your freshly painted home in as little time as possible. We have a strict code of practice in place for every job we undertake, meaning that we’ll ensure you’ll have minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Internal decoration project

Unsure what look to go for? Receive expert advice

If you want to give your home’s interior a new lease of life but you’re unsure about what colour scheme or decorative techniques to opt for, an interior painting service can offer their creative expertise and experience. They can advise you on the best suited design options to transform the look and feel of your home, as well as the most appropriate materials for your home’s existing conditions.

A professional painter and decorator can save you money

Investing in a professional painter and decorator, will mean that you won’t have to purchase any specialist equipment for yourself, which can easily add up. Instead of buying tools that you may not ever need again, your money may be better spent on ensuring you get a clean, superior update to your interior from a professional service. Equally if anything should go wrong, you’d have to fork out more to correct and redo the work yourself. Hiring a professional, you won’t have to spend any more if something goes wrong; your professional painter should be insured and will cover the costs.

They’ll take the proper preparation steps

Before you begin to paint to your interior, your surfaces will require careful preparation to provide the best application and finish. Preparation may involve washing and sanding walls, filling holes or cracks or applying primer, all of which can be time consuming. A professional painter and decorator will be aware of the correct preparation and care needed depending on your surfaces, so that paint failure can be prevented.

A clean, tidy and expert finish

A skilled painter and decorator has the experience and will be ‘in the know’ when it comes to the tricks and techniques that will give you a better quality paint job. Spills or stains will also be more easily avoided and removed by a professional company, saving you the hassle of cleaning all the equipment and mess.

The professionals put safety first

Using the right, safest tools and access equipment, a painting and decorating service will be able to renovate your interior and any hard to reach areas, or complete tasks with potentially harmful chemicals, whilst minimising danger. They will also be able to help you identify whether any painted surfaces in your home contain lead, so that surfaces can be painted safely without disturbing the materials.

As a CRB checked, approved domestic interior painting and decorating company, we ensure the safest, efficient and quality operations to transform the appearance of your home. If you’d like to discuss your new interior painting and decorating project, or for a free, no obligation quotation, please call us on 01252 377714 or use our online contact form.

Testimonial from another happy Marshels customer…

We’ve just received this lovely letter from one of our recent clients, it’s always nice to get feedback like this, and we wish everyone at KMC the best of luck in the future! We’re thrilled they’re pleased with the job and we look forward to working with them again. http://www.marshels.co.uk/

Testimonial for Painters and Decorators London

Decorating The Marshels Way

Here at Marshels we pride ourselves on being able to offer a highly professional service to both commercial customers as well as domestic customers. No matter what the size of the project, we will endeavour to complete a high quality job on time and within budget.

Our team of experienced painters and decorators are happy to work on both interior and exterior projects – ranging from domestic bathrooms right through to painting external window frames on National Trust properties! We’re also highly skilled in hanging wall paper as well as preparing the area prior to painting. Most of the work involved in decorating is revolved around preparation, and our team are not prepared to cut corners in order to get a job done quicker.

As well as painting and decorating, we are also able to carry out refurbishment works including plastering, tiling, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and much, much more. Our wide range of skills ensures that customers can have a central contact for their refurbishment project and will not have the hassle of having to liaise with several different contractors.

Marshels are more than just your average firm of painters and decorators – we also have specialist skills in areas such as gilding, spray painting and utilising anti-graffiti coatings for public areas. We’re very proud to have been approved by the National Trust and our team love nothing more than to take on the challenge of a tricky job.

All of our staff are CRB checked and will always wear the Marshels uniform with pride. Our workers are polite and friendly at all times and will leave work areas clean and tidy at the end of the working day.

If you are based in the South of England and you have a decorating project in the pipeline, then feel free to get in touch to see if we can provide a quotation. We believe we offer a high quality service, but don’t just take our word for it – read some recent testimonials from our past customers to see for yourself! www.marshels.co.uk

Why A Professional Decorator May Use Spray Painting Techniques

There are occasions when an area which needs painting is just so large it would take an awful lot of man hours to paint the whole space quickly and evenly with an ordinary roller and brush. In which case, spray painting is often the most practical choice, as it ensures that the paint is distributed evenly over the whole area giving a smooth and professional finish.

Some painting and decorating firms will be able to offer spray painting services to their customers. These are very often for external jobs, though there are times when spray painting can also be carried out indoors. Internal jobs may include spraying ceiling tiles or perhaps covering public corridors and staircases with an anti-graffiti coating.

Whatever the reason for the painting, the decorator will need to ensure that he or she wears the correct protective clothing such as a mask and goggles. Spray painting inevitably creates a lot of airborne paint particles so it’s really important to ensure that any items within the room are either removed or covered up to make sure they are not covered in paint too! The edges of the wall and ceiling will need to be cut in with a brush in the usual way, and it’s best that the decorator leaves a gap of approximately 4 inches between the ceiling and the top of the wall area to be sprayed in order to avoid the ceiling being sprayed by mistake.

Spray painting is an effective way of covering large outdoor areas such as blocks of flats or perhaps commercial buildings. An experienced painter will be able to ensure that the covering of paint is even and that the correct type of paint is utilised. There are many different types of paint on the market and the decorator should be able to provide advice as to which paint will be fit for purpose. For example, will a rubber paint be needed or will masonry paint suffice?

If you have a large area of space which needs to be painted, it may be worth asking your local painter and decorator if they are able to offer spray painting services.

If you would like to learn more about spray painting Woking or if you would like to find a company who provides spray painting services Guildford, then why not take a look at the www.marshels.co.uk website?

Tips On Locating Reputable Decorating Companies In Guildford

There are a number of painting and decorating companies in Guildford which are able to provide their services to either domestic or commercial customers. Choosing which firm to use can become a bit of a minefield, though there are some very basic checks which you could follow in order to help you make your decision.

Firstly, find out from your family and friends if they have used any painting and decorating firms in your local area recently. Would they recommend them? Take a look at the work which they have carried out in order to establish if it is of a good standard and also ask your friend or relative if they were happy with the service they received.

If you don’t have any personal recommendations, then use the internet in order to find a list of local companies. The easiest thing to do is type the service which you require as well as the location into the search engine, for example ‘painting and decorating Guildford’. This should immediately bring up a list of local firms which should offer painting and decorating as part of their service.

Many companies will include testimonials within their website. This is a fantastic way of allowing you as a potential customer to view the type of work which the firm has carried out recently. The company may be very niche and have a fairly limited gallery of photographs, or they could offer a wide range of decorating services and therefore have a large number of written testimonials from previous customers.

Some decorating companies in Guildford will primarily target domestic properties, whereas others will also be able to carry out work on commercial properties which may be on a large scale. If you know that part of your project involves some external painting, then make sure that the firm you choose includes this service on their website and they can state examples of previous exterior decoration projects they have worked on.

Many painters and decorators do not have formal qualifications; however they will no doubt have spent years perfecting their trade and will be able to provide a high quality service to their customers.

If you would like to locate a reputable painting and decorating Guildford firm then why not visit the www.marshels.co.uk website in order to find out further information?

Why Hiring A Firm Of Painters And Decorators Farnham May Be The Easier Option!

Painting and decorating is one of those jobs which you either love or hate. Very often, DIY-ers start off feeling enthusiastic and excited about painting a room, however once they realise the amount of work which goes into the preparation, the enthusiasm begins to wane and the whole idea of decorating starts to get a little depressing. For those people who decide that painting and decorating is not for them, there are a selection of experienced painters and decorators Farnham who will be able to provide assistance.

Any firm of painters Farnham will emphasise the importance of preparing the area which is to be decorated. It may even take a whole day to prepare the room; though this preparation time is definitely a wise investment. The preparation will include clearing out as much of the furniture as possible. Any items which can’t be removed should be covered with dust sheets to avoid having to remove paint splashes at the end of the job.

It can also be a good idea to remove door handles and light fittings wherever possible, as it can be tricky trying to paint around these areas. Any holes or cracks should be dealt with accordingly by using filler followed by sand paper to create a smooth finish. When sanding down walls and woodwork, it is best to start off with coarse sandpaper before finishing off with a smoother paper to leave an even surface.

Once all of the surfaces have been prepared, don’t forget to vacuum the whole room in order to remove any traces of dust. Painting over dust can create a very poor finish which can spoil all of the hard work which has been carried out during the preparation time. Ensure that the correct quantities of paint have been purchased; this can be worked out by multiplying the width of the room by the height of the room in order to calculate the square area.

Next, the fun part can commence! Start by painting the ceiling before working down to the walls and finally the wood work. Walls and ceilings should be cut in using a good quality paintbrush, before applying emulsion with a roller to create an even finish. Finally, the wood work can be glossed neatly using a narrow brush. At last, step back and admire the handiwork, though be careful not to touch the walls until they are dry!

If you would like some advice from painters Farnham or if you would like to contact a firm of painters and decorators Farnham to provide you with a quote, feel free to take a look at the Marshels website for further details.

The Specialist Skills Provided By Commercial Interior Decorators

There are a number of commercial interior decorators who are able to provide a high level of service to their customers, which may include diverse locations such as offices through to stately homes. Many of these customers will require the commercial decorators to carry out their work out of office hours, so as not to disturb the workers or visitors who may be located in the building at any one time.

Hiring the services of a firm of professional decorators Hampshire means that the finished results will be of a high standard. Commercial properties are often much larger than domestic properties, which means that the correct equipment will need to be used in order to access high areas of wall space which needs to painted. The equipment will often include special ladders or mobile scaffolding units which can provide a safe platform from which the decorators can carry out their work.

Very often the commercial interior decorators will need to use specialist paint which is suitable for the function of the building. For example, hospitals may benefit from an anti-bacterial paint being used on the internal walls, whilst schools and colleges may want to utilise a more hard wearing paint due to the high volumes of traffic within building. Prior to the work being carried out, the firm of decorators should be able to consult with their customers as to which type of paint would be most suitable for the job.

Depending on what the purpose of the building is, it may be that the decorators Hampshire need to be CRB checked before they can carry out the work for their customer. For example, those decorators who will be working for a time in a school or a hospital will need to ensure their CRB documentation is up to date. This is especially important if they are to be carrying out their work whilst children are going to be present in the building.

Most decorators who carry out work for a commercial building should have a vast knowledge of the best techniques and materials to be used for a particular job.

What Makes A Good Home Renovations Company

When people are searching for a painting and decorating company they will want to choose someone who is reliable and efficient because often these home renovations represent a considerable outlay in terms of cost. When spending large sums of money on altering the look of a residential property it is only right that people should do their research to enable them to choose a trustworthy and suitably qualified refurbishment contractor.

Often people will use contractors that have been recommended to them by family members and friends as this means they have often had the opportunity to view the work that has been carried out. When a recommendation is not readily available, what should people look for in a good home refurbishment company?

Firstly, professional endorsements and memberships are important. Reliable companies should be Safe Contractor approved to offer reassurance to domestic and commercial customers regarding their methods and safe working practice. They may also be members of other professional painting and decorating organisations and it is possible to check with these organisations to confirm that a particular contractor is a genuine member. This may help to set customer’s minds at ease as they know that the supplier is approved.

Secondly a good decorators Camberley will be able to demonstrate a portfolio of previous work to their potential customers. This can help customers to make decisions about their own renovations whilst also giving them a sneak preview of the standards, quality and finish of their workmanship. Portfolios are usually available on the website of the decorating company and whilst browsing this it may also be helpful to read testimonials to see what customer think of the service.

Finally, reliable home renovations companies will be able to provide a written quotation for any work due to be carried out. This ensures that there are not any discrepancies further down the line as both customer and contractor have a copy of the original pricing which is broken down into costs for each section of the project.

Services Provided By Painters & Decorators

Although many of us are quite handy with a paintbrush and a tin of paint, there are times when it is best to call in the professional painters & decorators. It may be you simply don’t have time to redecorate your lounge, or it may be the job is bigger than you can manage alone, such as the notoriously tricky hall, stairs and landing. Whatever the reason, it is often a good idea to ask a professional to tackle your decorating dilemma, as you can rest assured the job will be carried out neatly and efficiently within a shorter space of time than you can manage by yourself.

There are a wide range of painters & decorators who are available to help you with your interior or exterior decorating. It is often best to use a decorator who has been recommended to you by a member of the family or a friend, as this can give you the chance to see the final decorated room to make sure it meets your personal standards.

Sometimes, the decorator which has been recommended is simply snowed under with work, and may not be able to carry out the task you require within the near future. It may be that you have to search online for a new firm of decorators Chelsea instead. Ideally you will want to choose a firm which is local, so they do not have to spend a long amount of time travelling to the job each morning, all of which could cost you extra on the job in terms of travelling expenses.

Most decorators Chelsea will include examples of their work on their website, so that you can see the types of jobs they specialise in. Many will also allow you to contact previous customers so that you can find out their opinions of the decorators and whether or not they would recommend them.

You may find the firm of decorators you have chosen can also carry out additional tasks, such as repairing roofs or perhaps replacing damaged fascia boards or soffits. These extra jobs can help to restore your home to its former glory allowing you to enjoy a safe and attractive home.

The Benefits Of Hiring Professional Decorators

Some people dread hearing the phrase ‘DIY’ and will do anything they can to avoid getting involved! Whether it is decorating, changing bathroom taps, repointing some brick work or clearing an overgrown garden, very often homeowners choose to hire a professional to complete the tasks for them. It may be that they do not have the skills or knowledge to carry out these tasks themselves, or it may simply be they do not have the spare time.

Hiring a team of professional decorators can save a lot of time and effort. The homeowner can be rest assured that the whole decorating task will be completed at a high level right from start to finish. This should include all of the preparation, such as removing existing wallpaper, filling in holes and cracks, sanding down woodwork as well as wall paper hanging and glossing or varnishing.

When choosing a suitable firm of decorators, it is often best to choose a company which has been recommended by family or friends. Failing that, most decorators can now be located on line, and their websites may include a page of testimonials from previous customers. A reputable decorator should let potential customers contact previous customers in order to seek approval of the standard of workmanship.

Wall paper hanging is a skill which many of us do not possess. It is something which takes time and patience as well as a lot of practice. A team of professional decorators should be able to recommend which type of wallpaper should be used, as a wall which has a lot of cracks or imperfections may benefit from a thicker wallpaper being used. The decorator should be able to hang the paper neatly so that the join between each sheet can barely be seen.

Although it is inevitably more expensive to hire the skills of a professional decorator than it would be to decorate an area yourself, it can certainly save a lot of time and hard work for the majority of homeowners. It also means the finished job should be of a high quality with a fantastic finish.

Why Use Wall Papering Services?

There are many reasons why people choose wallpaper to cover their walls. One of which being that wall coverings offer an economical interior design choice, having been proven to last longer than paint and thus reduce the need for redecorating. This simple saving may sound like nothing but when you have a large house or commercial building, not having to redecorate so often will represent a large saving in both time and money.

It isn’t all about the money either as using wall papering services often gives people more flexibility to get the interior design features they need. For example, wallpaper is a great way to introduce texture into a room. There are many different designs of textured wallpaper to choose from ranging from the simple to the ornate so there is something to accommodate a wide range of tastes.

Another reason to use wallpaper to cover the walls of your home or commercial property is when you are trying to create a theme or period look. A lot of modern wallpaper designs are based on or throw back to historical designs, colours and themes allowing people to recreate vintage interiors or design a room with an antique feel.

Wallpaper is good at hiding a multitude of sins. When people have textured walls that they do not want to spend money and time on rectifying one answer is to use specialist lining paper underneath the decorative paper to give a smooth finish and hide any unwanted textures or slightly damaged areas of wall. Those providing professional wallpapering services will be able to advise their customers on the best way of doing this as sometimes removing or repairing the surface first might be more effective.

Wallpaper also allows you to bring special effects into a room – such as added sparkle achieved by using glitter wallpaper or an interesting feature in children’s bedrooms which is achieved by using glow in the dark wallpaper. There is such a wide choice of wall coverings out there that there is usually something to suit all tastes and it can often add a personal touch to a room than simply painting the walls.

To find out more about our wall papering services please visit the Marshels website.

Choosing Domestic Refurbishment Services

When homeowners are looking to spruce up their interiors they may require the services of interior designers, builders or painters and decorators – very often it will be a combination of the experience of all three providers that gets their domestic refurbishment project off the ground, after all when restructuring, redesigning and redecorating are involved it may require the expertise of various tradesmen.

In many cases these interior projects simply consist of painting and decorating and so can be competently completed by a professional decorating company that specialises in domestic interiors. It is important to employ careful and considerate tradesmen when hiring decorators and painters to complete refurbishment works in your home as you will want to be able to trust them to complete the job whether you are present or out of the house.

This careful selection of the right decorating company could make all the difference to the finished project. Whether you are choosing commercial interior decoration companies for projects at work or domestic refurbishment contractors for redecorating projects at home the same rules apply in the selection process.

Firstly you should ask to see credentials – to determine whether decorators are safe contractor approved and have the necessary expertise to carry out the work professionally. Also, asking to see examples of their past work is a great way to find out what your finished refurbishments may look like.

Secondly it can often be prudent to act on the recommendations of family and friends rather than just plumping for a company you have never heard of before. This way you have the testimonials of the people you trust plus you can have a look at the work that has been completed for them before you go ahead with your own projects.

When you don’t have any personal recommendations to go on, searching online is one of the best ways to choose domestic or commercial interior decoration companies. By typing in the search box what you are looking for, including the geographical area you are based in, the search engines will return website results for you to then look for and determine which service would be the most beneficial to you.

Specialist Services On Offer From Painters And Decorators

When it comes to painting and decorating most people will hire the experts either because their domestic or commercial refurbishment project is on a large scale or because they do not have the time or skills to complete the project themselves. However it is not just painting and decorating that decorators Richmond can offer the customer and here are just a few examples of the other specialist decorating services they may provide.

First of all, many people will want wallpaper rather than paint to cover their wall surfaces. Paper can often provide a better finish in certain types of rooms and allows for more colours, textures and patterns to be brought in to the overall theme and décor of the room. As there is an art to paper hanging it is best done by those who are experienced and skilled in the job as this avoids any problems with misaligned paper or bubbles under the surface of the paper which can completely ruin the overall look.

Secondly a painter Richmond might also specialise in the painting of furniture as well as interior and exterior walls. Painted furniture can complement certain interiors and is also popular within children’s bedrooms where the use of colours can be more exaggerated.

Sometimes it is not only the painting of walls that is required but the covering up or removal of something on the wall surface that is not desirable such as graffiti. This mindless act of vandalism can occur anywhere at any time and is not just confined to exterior surfaces. Decorators can provide specialist graffiti removal for interior and exterior services. They can repaint these areas for you and even cover these newly painted surfaces in a coating that will prevent any further damage from graffiti. This will save you and your business time and money in the long run as you will not have to keep paying to have the areas repainted if it happens again.

To add the final touches to your decorating project you may want to incorporate gold leaf to elaborate ceiling designs or walls and in this case you will need to use the services of decorators Richmond that specialise in gilding. The process of gilding is popular for interior or exteriors and does not just have to be confined to walls as it is very effective when used on mirrors, picture frames and furniture.